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Hitman: Blood Money demo

Lurking on Eurofiles.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Eidos and Io have released a playable PC demo of Hitman: Blood Money, which is due out on PS2, Xbox 360, Xbox and PC this Friday, May 26.

It weighs in at a healthy 725MB and you can download it from Eurofiles right now if you so desire.

According to Eidos, the demo features the "Death of a Showman" level, in which you've got to kill a bloke called Joseph Clarence.

The rest of the game takes place in the USA including Las Vegas, New Orleans, LA and Mississippi, and features a new game engine and of course the titular "Blood Money" system, which is all about earning cash to do things like bribe the press and upgrade your weapons and that.

So, expect more on Hitman as we close in on launch, obviously.

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