Hitman: Blood Money


Feature | What Ian Livingstone did next

He's done Fighting Fantasy, Games Workshop and Tomb Raider. Now, it's time to teach.

Feature | What Ian Livingstone did next

He's done Fighting Fantasy, Games Workshop and Tomb Raider. Now, it's time to teach.

Feature | Hitman: Blood Money retrospective

Through the eyes of a killer.

Square Enix: cloud gaming portal is "selfish" move to grab more gamers

Streaming pioneer OnLive was "shot in the back".

Hitman HD Collection spotted for PS3

Silent Assassin! Contracts! Blood Money!

Hitman dev IO making new IP after Absolution

Not Kane & Lynch, not Mini Ninjas.

Hitman 5 out Xmas 2011 "at the earliest"

IO hard at work, sources tell us.

Second Hitman film on the way

No word on Olyphant's return though.

Hitman games half-price this weekend

When you buy them from good old Steam.

Hitman creators set up new studio

It'll make online multiplayer games.

Not-art Ebert on Hitman film

Helps his point, apparently.

Hitman film trailer on web

The other kind of shooting.

Hitman Triple Pack revealed

Murderous trio for PC, PS2.

More details on Hitman flick

Filming has begun. Get it, gun.

Feature | UK Charts: Hitman gets second shot at the top

Hitman: Blood Money marks the third top ten entry for the Britsoft publisher.

Feature | UK Charts: Hitman makes a killing

Eidos title knocks FIFA off the all-formats top spot.

New Hitman, TR patches

Now available for download.

Hitman: BM demo patched

Framerate bug sorted out.

Hitman demo on Xbox 360

Demo of a showman.

Hitman: Blood Money demo

Lurking on Eurofiles.

Hitman: Blood Money

Pre-E3: 47 not out.

Tomb Raider and Hitman delayed

SCi-dos wants some hits, man.

Diesel signs for Hitman flick

Eyes videogame involvement.

Feature | Hitman: Blood Money

Producer Adam Lay puts the emphasis on choice.

Feature | Hitman: Blood Money

All new details and screens of Agent 47's latest adventure.

Eidos reveals E3 line-up

Tomb Raider, Hitman, Commandos, Generic Urban Gangbanger #387. And more announcements to come?