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Action adventure with a twist.

Anyone who's a fan of Tomb Raider, ICO, Prince of Persia and the like will have spent plenty of time wandering around ancient structures whilst avoiding swinging blades, rolling boulders, pits full of very sharp spikes and the like.

It's all very well, and fun for the most part, but have you ever thought about who put all those hazards there in the first place? And wondered if you could do better?

Well, there'll be a chance to have a go later this year with the release of TRAPT for PS2 from Tecmo. It follows the adventures of one Queen Allura, who flees her castle home after being framed for her dad's murder and goes running off into the Black Forest.

There she falls under an evil spell that turns her into a “trap master”, giving her the power to create all manner of snares, mantraps, spike pits and the like and turning her into a nasty piece of work to boot.

So what's a girl to do but return to the castle - with the devil as her guide - and wreak havoc, laying treacherous medieval traps to lure her enemies in before slicing, dicing, chopping, squashing, burning and battering them all into millions of little bits. She can even do lightning attacks like the Emperor - take a look at these screenshots if you don't believe us.

It's a sort of action-strategy-puzzling combo platter, essentially, and features both a Story and Survival mode. There's also bonus content for those who like a bit of replay value.

TRAPT is due out in the autumn.