Shut it.

We never knew we could be so wilfully sadistic. Given our tendency to free unseasonably active Ladybirds from EG towers at this time of year, it says something unexpectedly unsavoury about our mental state at the degree of belly laugh satisfaction we got from Trapt, a game fixated on sending dozens of unfortunate souls to their doom in a variety of increasingly unpleasant ways. Bwahahahaha.

Want to slice and dice relentless pursuers with a handy giant pendulum blade? You got it. Fancy rolling a bomb into the path of lumbering oafish men? Ker-ching. How about some combo fun, activating magnetic walls that drag your helpless foes into the path of a spring trap or squish them with a giant overhead boulder? Nice. If that sounds all a bit tame, don't worry, that's barely scratching the surface of what Trapt has in store for its victims in the name of 'escape'.

Tecmo's curious action-puzzle-cum-survival-horror offering puts you in the shoes of a young, bandy-legged woman called Princess Allura. Framed for the murder of her father, your only choice is to try and escape the confines of a castle by killing everyone who stands in your way by using the special trap-setting powers bestowed upon you by the mysterious 'fiend'. With a completely wonky Japlish translation and total lack of tutorial explanation adding to the sense of bewilderment, it nevertheless quickly becomes apparent that Trapt is actually one of the most unique games you'll ever come across.

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Action adventure with a twist.

Anyone who's a fan of Tomb Raider, ICO, Prince of Persia and the like will have spent plenty of time wandering around ancient structures whilst avoiding swinging blades, rolling boulders, pits full of very sharp spikes and the like.