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New movies on Eurogamer TV

Act of War expansion, that sexy DoD: Source one, others.

We've popped some new trailers up on our Eurogamer TV Beta this week, giving you the chance to see the new Act of War expansion, Day of Defeat: Source's game engine cinematic effects, that slightly ludicrous Hellgate London cinematic trailer and footage from Lineage II Chronicle 4.

Eurogamer TV is based on Flash, so you shouldn't have to download anything much in order to check out the videos - each of which is available in low, medium and high quality versions suitable for whatever sort of Internet connection you're on.

EG TV is currently in Beta, and we're keen to see how it copes under load, so you'd be doing us a big favour by checking things out. And of course we appreciate all your feedback on the subject, which you can send our way through the site's contact form.

Stay tuned (I suppose that works in this context) for more video content in the New Year and beyond, as we expand Eurogamer TV's role on the site.