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(Brian) Lara gets them out

And then puts them back in.

Codemasters has revealed that tit-loving cricket fans were very nearly in for an extra treat with Brian Lara International Cricket, thanks to the actions of one cheeky artist who's a big fan of glamour model Lauren Pope.

He used his programming skills to put Lauren in the game as a streaker - so as Brian stepped up to bat you could see her running out onto the pitch, baring her pouting globes for all the world to see.

But, sadly, Codies discovered the artist's antics at the last minute and removed Lauren and her bits from the game - replacing them with the iconic image of a male streaker jumping over the stumps during an England test match.

However, they were kind enough to send us some screenshots taken before Lauren was replaced, along with some lovely pictures of her modelling cricket gear and fingering some stumps.

"I'm flattered!" Lauren said. "I love the fact that a fan of mine wanted me in the game, but I'm much too shy to consider streaking for real!" Not too shy to get 'em out in national newspapers though, happily.

Brian Lara International Cricket is out now on PC, PS2 and Xbox.