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Gunstar Heroes set to return?

Ooh look, Sega's been down the US patent office again.

Sega has trademarked the title 'Gunstar Super Heroes' with the US patent office, suggesting that a sequel to the Megadrive classic could be on its way.

The original shooter was released in 1997, and earned the title of cult classic thanks to its intense and challenging gameplay and unique visual style.

It was developed by Treasure, a Japanese studio whose other titles have included Ikaruga, Dynamite Headdy and Wario World. It's not yet clear whether the studio will be involved in the new Gunstar Heroes project, and Sega Europe was unavailable for comment at the time of writing.

Gunstar Superstar Heroes will not be the first retro classic Sega is seeking to revive - the company recently published Altered Beast on PS2, and Sega Rally is due to return later this year, also on PS2.