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New Doom 3 levels on Xbox Live

Grab expansion maps for free.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

With Doom 3 expansion Resurrection of Evil out on Xbox today in Europe, Activision's announced that it's making a pair of its seven new multiplayer maps available to owners of vanilla Doom 3 Xbox for free. Nice of them.

The ones in question are called Communications and Surface. Comms is set in a warehouse on Mars, with lots of long hallways and hiding places. It's probably more fun than it sounds from that. Surface is set in the Mars UAC base and apparently exposed to bits of the elements.

Curiously, you can't play Doom 3 people on the new maps using RoE or vice versa, so presumably they're intended as a taster for people undecided about the expansion. If you're undecided about it, you might want to read our review of the PC version elsewhere on the site. Short version: more of the same in the dark.

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