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Doom meets Gone Home in Doom 2 mod / memoir Autobiographical Architecture

Life in hell.

Someone once parodied Gone Home by merging it with Doom in the humourous video Gun Home. But now ex-BioShock and The Cave developer JP LeBreton is taking that seemingly ludicrous juxtaposition of first-person games seriously in his upcoming Doom 2 mod / memoir Autobiographical Architecture.

Finally, a game that captures the horrific reality of a school dance.

LeBreton's history with first-person shooters is well documented as he was the lead level designer on BioShock 2 - where he worked with the devs that went on to make Gone Home - and he was also a designer on the first BioShock. LeBreton later worked at Double Fine for a number of years where he was the lead designer on The Cave and the project lead on Spacebase DF-9.

LeBreton has a strong love of Doom, a game he meticulously analyzed in a blog post to accompany a Doom 2 demake of the Arcadia level he designed for BioShock. The now independent designer also interviewed Doom co-creator John Romero back in when LeBreton was at Double Fine.

In an interview with Killscreen LeBreton said that "Doom is this thread running through most of my life" and Autobiographical Architecture will cover various chapters of his journey. The first episode will focus on his Texas upbringing while later episodes will be based around "times of crisis and identity (re)formation."

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Autobiographical Architecture is going to be released in installments with the first chapter due later this year on LeBreton's page.

You will need Doom 2 to play it.