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Gone Home gets amazing fake DLC trailer Gun Home

"Are you a rad enough riot girl to rescue your sister?"

The Fullbright Company's exploration-based coming-of-age story Gone Home has been parodied by Dorkly's Tony Wilson in the following trailer for its fake DLC Gun Home.

[Spoiler Alert! Gun Home parodies certain aspects of the game many players will want to discover for themselves. As such, it's best watched after completing Gone Home.]

The made up DLC imagines player character Katie Greenbriar as a war vet coming back from Iraq to find her sister Sam kidnapped by terrorists. Naturally, this poses the question: "Are you a rad enough riot girl to rescue your sister?"

Featuring "high-octane introspection," "1.5 hours of ex-plode-ration-based gameplay," sky blue windbreaker armour, and of course, Robo Hitler, Gun Home imagines the quiet teen drama as a Wolfenstein-esque first-person shooter, or "a savage combat exploration experience."

Fullbright creative director Steve Gaynor is a fan of Dorkly's re-imagining of the project. "Nice freakin work @dorkly," Gaynor tweeted. "I lol'd."