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England wins the World Cup

As in the virtual one, obviously.

It's been another great year for English sport, what with, er, us winning that cricket thing and that. And now we have another trophy to put in the rather sparse cabinet following England's win at the 2005 FIFA Interactive World Cup.

The final was held in London and saw 18-year-old Chris Bullard of Ipswich facing off with Hungary's Gabor Mokos, aged 15. Things weren't looking good for England after Frank Lampard received a red card in the first half, but Wayne Rooney went on to secure a hat trick and victory. The final score stood at England 5, Hungary 2, two world wars and one world cup, and a virtual one as well, doodah, doodah.

Like all the other finalists, Bullard received an Xbox 360 and a copy of FIFA 06 for his efforts. He also won an all-expenses paid trip to Zurich to attend the FIFA World Player Gala where he was crowned champion.

"I did not think I could win after my favourite player, Frank Lampard, was sent off in the 24th minute," Bullard said.

"The whole tournament was simply brilliant. It means so much to me that I was able to win this tournament for my country. This is simply a dream come true and easily the best moment of my life."