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New GUN Showdown details

More on Activision's PSP shooter.

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Some new details have been revealed of PSP shooter GUN Showdown - including news that Hollywood scriptwriter Randall Jahnson, whose previous credits include The Doors and Mask of Zorro, is writing the storyline.

Like the console version of GUN (which Jahnson also wrote the storyline for), Showdown is set in the old Wild West and sees you playing as an ace gunslinger. You've got the option to fight for what's right, or to battle for revenge as you face off with rebels, lawmen, soldiers and "vengeful Native Americans." (We sense trouble ahead...)

We're promised an "increased depth of gameplay" thanks to five new missions specially designed for the PSP game, and new weapons - including mines and throwing knives.

Quick-play modes include Shotgun Games, Mission Challenge and Texas Hold'em, all designed for gaming on the go. Then there are the wi-fi multiplayer modes, which allow you to team up with a friend or go head-to-head. You can choose from Deathmatch, Golden Cross or Last Man Standing modes.

GUN Showdown is out in the autumn.

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