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No one can compete with WOW

Says very important THQ person.

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THQ has no plans to release any MMO games in the near future, according to CEO Brian Farrell - since there's no point while everyone's still going mental for World of Warcraft.

Farrell's comments came during a presentation to investors, where he was asked why THQ hasn't produced an MMO yet. He replied: "We're looking at it very closely, but I want to find the right opportunity. I think what you will not see THQ do is come out with another fantasy-type game."

"The other thing we're thinking is these things tend to have a window," Farrell continued.

"Right now that product is World of Warcraft, so the idea would be to time something for when that product is going to be on its downward slope. To come out with something competitive now I think would be misguided for anyone, including THQ."

With more than 6 million players worldwide, WOW is undoubtedly hugely popular - and making a huge amount of money for Vivendi and Blizzard, seeing as that's 6 million times the subscription fee of £8.99 (or local currency equivalent) every month. EVERY MONTH. Imagine all the PS3s you could buy with that.

NCsoft's Guild Wars is still struggling to catch up, although the game has just hit the 2 million player mark. But WOW could have a serious challenge on its hands when Lord of the Rings Online launches later this year...

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