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Taxi Driver: info, screens

On-foot and in-car missions.

As we reported previously, Majesco is set to publish a game based on Scorsese classic Taxi Driver next year - and now they've released the first screenshots, which you can find here.

Playing as psycho cab driver Travis Bickle, it's your job to wash the scum off the New York City streets via a series of driving and on-foot combat missions.

A healthy arsenal of weapons is promised, and will include the Colt 25, .44 Magnum, Mac 10, Shotgun, M-16 and dual fire pistols and SMGs.

Or you can just get stuck in with your fists and pull off “a multitude of grisly finishing moves,” all the while accompanied by a super sounds of the seventies score.

There's no word yet as to whether or not Robert De Niro will be lending his likeness and voice to the game, probably because they're too scared to even ask him.

Taxi Driver is due out on PS2 and Xbox in spring 2006.