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Taxi Driver game on way

Yes, we're talking to you.

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Next year will mark 30 years since Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver first appeared in cinemas, and to mark the occasion Majesco plans to publish the first videogame based on the film.

For those who are too forgetful or too wickle to recall, the movie follows the adventures of Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro), a psychotic New York cab driver with a penchant for guns, knives, washing all the scum off the streets and wacky haircuts.

He experiences a series of zany mishaps involving a child prostitute (Jodie Foster) and her violent pimp (Harvey Keitel) before embarking on a gun-crazed killing spree in an attempt to win over the lovely Cybill Shepherd, with hilarious results.

"Nominated for four Academy Awards, Taxi Driver remains one of the most iconoclastic films of our time," says Majesco bigwig Ken Gold.

"We look forward to developing a game that remains true to the spirit and style of the movie, and embodies a total entertainment experience."

The game is being developed by Papaya Studio, which previously produced Whirl Tour - a Tony Hawk-style extreme sports title involving scooters. It's not known whether the Taxi Driver game will feature Travis Bickle on a scooter. Nor whether they will use the Crazy Taxi engine to create a game where instead of driving people to pizza restaurants you have to run down all the hookers and dealers you can see before shooting a senator in the face, as that's something we just made up.

No release date has been announced and there's no word as to which platforms the game is in development for, but Majesco promises more details soon.

Taxi Driver is the latest old days movie to get a game adaptation in what seems to be a growing trend. Other tie-ins currently in development include Highlander, The Godfather and EyeToy: Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer.

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