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Sims 2 family pack due in April

In shops for a tenner.

Sims 2 fans who've already plundered Open For Business won't have to wait all that long for more - EA's planning to release a "Family Fun Stuff" pack on April 13th for £9.99.

Family Fun Stuff will be released at retail and consists of 60 new items for Sims fans to play around with - and as you might imagine it's all the sorts of things that a growing family might want.

There are castle beds, cruise ship replicas, numerous bedroom sets including an underwater theme, a nautical theme living room, plus Hawaiian clothing, an octopus toy chest called, er Toyboxtopus and dragon costumes among other things.

As you might have spotted late last week, EA's also released some screenshots, and you can find videos on the official website too.

It's not likely to prove as exciting for casual Sims fans as Open For Business, we'd imagine, but it should keep those of you who play nothing else quite happy. Plus of course, Family Fun Stuff pack abbreviates rather wonderfully. Enjoy.

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