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Black & White 2 expands

Fight God, says Lionhead.

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Perhaps greatly vengeful and furiously angry about Black & White 2's sales and crap reviews, EA's announced that the expansion pack will be much darker and more sinister than the game it complements.

Due out in April, B&W2: Battle of The Gods returns players to Eden where the downtrodden Aztecs have clambered from under-boot and sacrificed enough humans to raise their own deity, which players will now have to overwhelm with good deeds or supreme evil.

BftG will also introduce a new creature, two new lands, four new miracles, enhanced enemy AI, two new enemy armies and their new creature. That's not all either with six new challenges and some other unspecified content for fans to dig up and enjoy.

Have a look at the screenshots for more, and while we're on the subject of Lionhead's Black & White series, a demo version of B&W2 is now available for those who haven't tried it yet.

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