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Bus driver fired for playing PSP

He's THAT addicted to GTA.

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A Lancashire bus driver has been fired after he was caught playing his PSP when he should have been keeping his eyes on the road.

According to the Daily Record, passengers complained to transport authorities after the man was seen with the handheld on his lap whilst driving from Accrington (who? ExACKly) to Blackburn. He was spotted playing not only when the bus was at traffic lights and bus stops, but also when driving down icy roads.

"He was playing a Grand Theft Auto game and the screams of the characters being shot could be heard all around the bus," one passenger is quoted as saying.

"I find it hard to believe that anyone driving a car with a PSP on their knee would be considered a safe driver - doubly so a person in charge of a singledecker bus capable of carrying 40 to 50 passengers."

Following the complaints, authorities reviewed CCTV footage filmed during the journey, and promptly sacked the driver in question.

"We take a very dim view of drivers using any sort of device that will distract them from their job," said Blackburn Transport boss Michael Morton.

"All we are able to say in any of these cases is we feel that the appropriate disciplinary action has been taken."

Police are now investigating the matter to decide whether or not the driver should face charges for motoring offences.

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