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Cloning Clyde on Live Arcade

800 MS points.

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NinjaBee's side-scrolling platformer Cloning Clyde is now available on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft points.

That's GBP 6.80, as our pals at deadly-serious sister-site might put it - or EUR 9.30 / USD 10.00 in other realms.

There's a demo, naturally, and the full game is just 24.54MB in size, with 200 gamerscore points' worth of achievements to unlock, and co-op and versus battles for up to four players.

That's on top of an extensive single-player game, which sees Clyde - escapee of an evil cloning corporation - playing as himself and various mutant versions of himself, each with particular skills.

You can download and play Cloning Clyde whether you've got an Xbox Live Gold or Silver subscription, but bear in mind, as ever, that you'll need a Gold one if you plan to play online.

We'll have a full review of Cloning Clyde for you in the near future.

Aaaand we'll be bringing you more on each of the other games that make up Microsoft's "Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays" promotion - those being Galaga (July 26), Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting (August 2) and Pac-Man (August 9).

As we learned earlier this week, August will also see the release of Texas Hold 'Em poker, which should pitch up on August 23rd.

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