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Ubisoft snaps up GBA Dark Alliance

Stateside. But then it's all one big playground in handheld land, isn't it?

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Destination Software's Game Boy Advance version of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, originally announced way back in 2001, has risen like a dwarf from the shadows of the Ubisoft stable - the place it now calls home according to representatives of the French publisher speaking out last week.

According to reports, the Interplay/Black Isle RPG fell into Ubisoft's hands after Destination went to them direct - with the game finished and ready to go. Ubisoft snapped it up and agreed to distribute and market the game, which is apparently complete and on its way to stores in the USA right now.

Although Ubisoft in Europe is keeping schtum about the deal, that won't bother too many GBA owners, who by now must be used to the process of buying up high profile handheld titles from the US where they generally cost less and arrive six months early (e.g. Golden Sun 2, Max Payne, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire, etc).

We'll let you know if Ubisoft or anybody else connected to the project mentions European plans, or you could always just wait for Yankee reviews and order it based on the response across the pond. Up to you.

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