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Riddick sequel in development - Vin Diesel

Actor Vin Diesel tells a film website that a sequel to the Riddick videogame is in development, and talks up the franchise.

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Although publisher Vivendi and developers Starbreeze and Tigon have yet to comment on the possibility of a sequel to The Chronicles of Riddick, actor Vin Diesel has told a popular film website that a sequel is in development and spoken of the potential to flesh out the Riddick mythology through videogames.

Answering a question about the appeal of The Chronicles of Riddick film on DVD, Diesel says that he thinks that the film may have the same breakout potential in the home market as Pitch Black, before demonstrating how much work is being ploughed into the franchise by adding, "There's a sequel to the videogame being made."

The actor offers no clarification on whether Starbreeze and Tigon are combining forces again or which platforms will be targeted - the original game began life on Xbox, of course, but Vivendi plans to release it on PC and reportedly PS2 as well in light of its success - but news that a sequel is underway is bound to delight fans of the celebrated first-person action game, which subtly blends a variety of mechanics into one of the most inventive and absorbing games the genre's had to offer in years.

Asked whether he thinks it's possible to continue the story through animation and videogames, Diesel says yes. "That was the whole idea of having the other formats," he comments. "That was the motivating force in Tigon creating the game Escape from Butcher Bay with Starbreeze, because it would give us the opportunity to explain the back stories of Riddick."

Riddick fans interested in hearing more about the future of the series and plans for the DVD edition of the film would do well to check out the rest of the interview.

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