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Urban Reign confirmed for UK

Including Tekken cameos.

The latest hip-hop and happenin' street brawler from Tekken and Soul Calibur creators Namco has been confirmed for British shores, thanks to a publishing deal with Sony Europe.

Already available in the states for those who just can't wait to bloody their fists, the PAL version is scheduled to hit the shelves a little after the festive period at the beginning of 2006. We're promised an intense combat mechanic with a story mode featuring over a hundred missions as you punch, kick, head-butt and dive for the family jewels of enemies in, "a war that rages from the scummiest streets to the corruption tainted higher echelons of city government." Sounds a little like Jack Thompson's game when you put it like that.

There are sixty characters to choose from, including cameos from Tekken favourites Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law, and we're sure there'll be plenty of the obligatory petite young ladies with short skirts and shorter tempers to fool around with, especially in the 4-player multiplayer battles.

It's not just about the old-fashioned fisticuffs with Urban Reign though, because you'll also get a beautiful array of weapons to duke it out with, including Friday night post-pub favourites the switchblade, beer bottle and, um, shovel. Oh, and it's exclusively available on PS2 - great news if you a) own a PS2 and b) have been looking forward to the European release of Urban Reign. Hope you're happy.

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