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Chromehounds content this week

To make up for server issues.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

SEGA and FromSoftware will be releasing some free downloadable content for Chromehounds at midnight tomorrow night (GMT) to make up for the server problems the game experienced around launch.

The update consists of two new weapons, an assist part and a new camouflage pattern inspired by World War II designs, so there's not much, but those of you enjoying the multiplayer side of the game - easily the best bit - might have some use for them.

The new weapons are the WP_SG003, a sniper cannon with a smaller magazine to reduce weight, WH_HC034, which is a giant cannon (and apparently an improvement on HC1500/D), while the assist part is AX_AM002, which helps to deflect bullets.

You can find more information, including links to some screenshots of each part, over on SEGA's Chromehounds forum.

Update: Would you believe I thought it was Wednesday already? Date changed.

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