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PSP World Poker Tour confirmed

Grab a bag of chips - to go.

2K Games is offering gambling-hungry gamers a little comfort today with the confirmation that World Poker Tour is definitely slotted in for a spring release on the PSP. No definite release date has been announced so far though, which means you'll just have to continue to practicing that poker face in the privacy of your own home throughout the last gloomy remnants of winter.

Closely tied in to the World Poker Tour television series, the PSP version of everyone's favourite card game will feature the virtual equivalents of all those real-life card sharks with silly names, like Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi and Phil "Unabomber" Laak.

2K Games is promising all the obligatory goodness that coincides with these sorts of announcements, such as 1200 unique opponents, all manner of clothing and accessories in the Career Mode, and fully customisable characters. But the most important announcement is all about connectivity, because once you've perfected your card skills in the single player game, the PSP version will allow you to take on both friend and foe wirelessly with other PSPs, or head online to compete with players across the country.

In addition to its multitude of customisable characters and unlockable fun, the PSP version is set to include a completely new artificial intelligence system, over 4,000 custom variations of poker and a series of exclusive invitational events not seen on any other platform.

More solid news on a release date as soon as the EG calendar starts to thaw out.

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