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Condemned on PC in March?

SEGA confirms date.

Oops, here's one we missed last week: SEGA's German website has word that Xbox 360 shooter Condemned: Criminal Origins will be released on PC on March 31st.

To our knowledge, SEGA hasn't previously confirmed a PC version of Monolith's game, which is about hunting down serial killers and using forensic knick-knacks on their victims, so that's good news.

"One of the most-talked-about games of the last weeks is coming to PC in March. SEGA will publish the uncensored original version of Condemned," says the news post.

A SEGA Europe spokesman this morning confirmed that the game's down for release in Europe on March 31st, at least at the moment.

In the meantime, you can find our review of the Xbox 360 version elsewhere in linkland.

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Condemned: Criminal Origins

Xbox 360, PC

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