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SEGA's end-of-year line-up

Everyone gets a date. Except Tom, obviously.

SEGA has unveiled its product line-up for the rest of 2005, and what a lot we've got to look forward to.

First up is Super Monkey Ball Deluxe for PS2 and Xbox, out next Friday. Then September 1 - PSP launch day, of course - will see the release of Virtua Tennis: World Tour and World Snooker Challenge 2005 for Sony's shiny new baby.

The Rome: Total War expansion, Barbarian Invasion, is out on September 30, as is classic compilation the Sonic Gems Collection for PS2 and GameCube. The SEGA Classics Collection will follow on October 28.

October 7 sees the release of epic battler Spartan: Total Warrior for consoles, and then fantasy football-loving PC and Mac owners are in for a treat on November 4 with the release of Football Manager 2006.

Everyone's favourite hedgehog makes his way on to the Nintendo DS for the first time on November 25, with the release of Sonic Rush. And on the very same day, Sonic's dark alter-ego gets his first adventure on PS2, Xbox and GameCube with Shadow the Hedgehog.

SEGA has just the one Xbox 360 title listed - Condemned, which allows you to "experience an unrivalled sense of psychological tension whilst searching for deadly sociopaths lurking on the edge of humanity." Or you could just hang around outside Lewisham Yates's at 11.01 on a Saturday night.

Condemned is listed as an Xbox 360 launch title, so it'll be out by Christmas.