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Pro Evo confirmed for X360

But not for this season.

Konami has reportedly confirmed at the Games Convention event in Leipzig that Pro Evolution Soccer will appear on Xbox 360 in autumn 2006, and noted that the football series will also make its way to "other new hardware" before the end of next year - presumably a reference to PlayStation 3.

This isn't hugely surprising news, of course. Those who kept up with Microsoft's Xbox Summit in Japan recently will be aware that Konami said Winning Eleven - the Japanese name for the series - would be released on Xbox 360 at some point. It is the first official confirmation for Europe, however.

Early reports claim that it's Pro Evolution Soccer 5, which is already due out on PS2, Xbox, PC and PlayStation Portable before the end of this year, but details are sketchy. We reckon it'll be a slightly different game given Konami's penchant for iterating PES significantly year by year.

We'll let you know more when we do.

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