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Dead Rising for 360

Capcom's new survival horror.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Capcom has announced its first title for Xbox 360 - a brand new survival horror game going under the name of Dead Rising. You can find some screenshots here.

It follows the adventures of intrepid photo-journalist Frank West. Hunting down a scoop, he winds up wandering round a small suburban town - only to realise it's been overrun by an army of the undead.

Frank decides to take refuge in the local shopping centre, but it turns out the zombies are already wreaking havoc there, too. In his struggle for survival he must use anything he can get his hands on to defeat the evil dead and find out exactly what their problem is.

Technically it all sounds very spanky, with a dynamic real-time system that means zombies become stronger, faster and generally more powerful once the sun goes down - making surviving after dark an even tougher mission.

We're promoised “unprecedented numbers” of enemies descending on Frank in endless waves, and an infinite supply of weapons since he can use whatever he finds in the mall - carrier bags, kitchen knives, Argos catalogues - to defend himself.

Dead Rising is due out next year, and since Tom's actually seen it we should have impressions up soon.

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