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Burnout for Xbox 360

Early next year, 'potentially'.

Electronic Arts has confirmed to Eurogamer that Criterion is currently hard at work on an Xbox 360 instalment in the Burnout series.

"Burnout is definitely coming to Xbox 360," a spokesperson told us.

There's no release date as yet, but the game "Could potentially launch early next year," he said.

Which would tie-in with what Electronic Arts' Stateside office has told US website IGN - namely that Burnout 360 will be released over there in March.

There's no word yet on what we can expect from the game, however - new game modes and different vehicles, perhaps, or just a souped-up Xbox Live mode and better graphics?

According to EA US, Criterion is making all those kind of decisions as we speak, so nothing's been locked down as yet.

But whatever form it may take, we can't deny we're excited at the prospect of smashing, crashing and burning our way through another instalment in the classic racing series on Microsoft's next-generation console... We'll bring you more news just as soon as we get it.