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New Mega Man series for DS

To celebrate 20th birthday.

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Nearly 20 years after his first videogame appearance, Mega Man is to star in a brand new series of games for the Nintendo DS.

That's according to a page on Capcom's Japanese website, partially translated by

It seems our hero will become Mega Man via some crazy new process of transformation which involves a secret device. Various features from the Mega Man Battle Network series will make an appearance, including navis, viruses and the Rock Buster.

The game is set in the Radio Wave World, and you can expect whole new ways to move, fight and communicate. Both of the DS's screens will come into play.

Capcom has yet to announce the title of the first game in the series, and the name of the main character. It's due out in Japan this winter, when Mega Man will celebrate his 20th birthday.

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