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WOW to work on Intel Macs

Soon, too.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

We don't follow Macs much around here, but even we were interested in Apple's new range of Intel-powered ones. We're not actually sure why, it just seems somehow safer, like wearing kneepads when you go skydiving, maybe. I dunno.

Anyway, one of the less publicised things about the recent Macworld Intel revelations was the confirmation that World of Warcraft will work on Intel-powered Macs. Not right now, but very soon. Ars Technica reports that Blizzard had a little booth tucked away in a corner running a version of the game on the new Intel Macs.

Better still for those of you who've spent lots of money on an Intel Mac in the last few days, the WOW update required to play on Intel Macs will be released within three weeks or so.

Reports from Macworld suggest that the game loaded very quickly and the frame rate was fab. Ars Technica has some photos of it and everything.

Obviously we'll be getting The Brass to fund the purchase of a new PowerBook so we can check it out [Not bloody likely - The Brass].

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