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Rocky heads to PSP

To coincide with new film.

Ubisoft is bringing Rocky back for another round - this time on the PSP - to coincide with the release of what's presumably the last film about Sylvester Stallone's iconic boxer.

Rocky Balboa is due out on the PSP next January in Europe, and screenshots suggest it'll reprise previous Rocky titles' tactic of letting the "Italian Stallion" face off against opponents from the original films including Ivan Drago and Clubber Lang.

Also pictured is a youngster called Mason Dixon, who forms a central part of the film's narrative. With Rocky long retired, his wife dead and his son grown up and bored of him, Stallone's character is dragged back into the ring for one last exhibition bout after ESPN simulations suggest he could still hold his own.

Anyway, watch out early next year to see whether Rocky can hold his own against gaming's own up and comer, Fight Night Round 3.