Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa

A thin line between glove and hate.

After two previous console outings, both of which relied on nothing more than the public's residual affection for slurring underdogs, Rocky finally has a new film for his games to tie-in with. So what do we get? A PSP-only release with minimal connection to the Rocky Balboa movie. Go figure.

2004's Rocky Legends donates much of its DNA to this handheld edition, in particular the focus on historical matches lifted from all the movies. Mason Dixon, the cocky bruiser that the elderly Rocky is currently facing in cinemas, gets a perfunctory inclusion but otherwise it's boxing business as usual.

Seconds out...

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Rocky heads to PSP

To coincide with new film.

Ubisoft is bringing Rocky back for another round - this time on the PSP - to coincide with the release of what's presumably the last film about Sylvester Stallone's iconic boxer.