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Battlefield 2 expansion

And first official details revealed.

EA and DICE Canada have confirmed that an expansion pack for Battlefield 2 is currently in the works and should be with us this autumn.

According to an article on IGN, Battlefield 2: Special Forces focuses on infantry combat and features six new team types: SAS, Navy SEALs, MEC Special Forces, Spetnaz and two insurgent factions (one modeled on the MEC, the other originating from Russia).

Lead designer AJ Marini told the website that you'll feel like a "super soldier" now, thanks to the addition of gadgets and abilities that have never been seen before.

"The two big areas of equipment are night vision, which transcends to commander mode as well, and then the other section is mobility based features [such as] a zipline and grappling hook," he said.

At least seven and potentially eight maps will be included in the expansion, including one set in an airport and another at a missile facility. All will host two-team Conquest matches and will support up to 64 players for more intense, concentrated action.

Around ten new vehicles are promised along with 12 new weapons, including FNScar, the US Special Forces assault rifle, and new flash-bang and tear gas grenades.

Classes will remain the same, but "You're going to find that what we've added does change things up a bit," Marini said.

"By adding new elements like the grappling hook and zipline, now the classes that carry these items play a little differently. They have a bit more versatility to them.

"So now you really want to have these guys as part of your squad. And the squad becomes more powerful as a whole," he added.

But Marini reckons it's the new night missions that will make the add-on a must have: "It's looking really great at night, I think that the feel of combat and these intense firefights in the night areas and dark areas is looking really good," he said.

"It really does give you a Special Forces experience in the Battlefield world."

The full interview can be found on IGN.