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Total War exp available on Fri

Providing you've signed up.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

SEGA has announced that the latest expansion pack for Rome: Total War will be available for download three days before it turns up in the shops.

There's a catch, though - before you can download the add-on, you must be registered at, just to prove you're a real fan.

Rome: Total War - Alexander is said to offer more than 30 hours of gameplay plus a brand new campaign game map. It all revolves around Alexander's unification of Greece, and his subsequent conquest of the Persian Empire.

You can expect to face off with Indian forces as well as troops from Greece and Persia, and the new Tournament mode will let you take on opponents in a series of historical battles either online or over LAN.

Rome: Total War - Alexander will be available for download this Friday 16th June, with the retail release to follow on Monday.

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