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Total War - Alexander details

And shots.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

SEGA's confirmed the brilliant news about its Rome: Total War - Alexander expansion. You know, that Brian Blessed is voicing over the cut-scenes. Wicked!

SEGA's also talked it up in a bit more detail. It's out in June and will be sold through digital distribution on and other official sites, and features a new campaign, six new historical battles, and adds four new factions and more than 60 units.

They reckon it adds up to 30 hours of gameplay in total. There's a new campaign - spanning Alexander's unification of Greece and his subsequent conquest of the Persian Empire - and the six historical battles, playable online and via LANs, too - include Alexander's triumphs against the Greeks, Persians and Indians.

Among the new factions will be the Macedonians and the Persians, while the more-than-60 new units including Persian scythed chariots, elite immortals and the likes of the Hypaspists, Phalangists and Companion cavalry.

We've also got some screenshots. For you to have, I dunno, invade your eyes. WHAT? It's hot and it's late!

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