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Tokobot Plus coming to PS2

Ten new stages, new features.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Tecmo's doing a PlayStation 2 version of PSP game Tokobot called Tokobot Plus: Mysteries of the Karakuri.

Due out in Q3, it sounds like it'll feature all the PSP content plus ten new stages, new combination attacks (one's called "Over Drive") and other new features. Like the PSP game, you'll control an army of little robots in a platform game setting, using simple commands to get them to bridge gaps, clobber enemies and so on.

New features include an upgrade system, allowing you to add to your power bar through the use of combination attacks, and do more damage with upgraded attacks. You'll also be able to absorb abilities from conquered enemies, and race through stages in Time Attack mode.

Announced over E3, naturally, Tecmo also released a selection of screenshots to show it off.

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