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Namco's Extreme Force cancelled

Dead to Rights prequel no more.

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Namco's multi-platform Dead to Rights spin-off, Extreme Force: Grant City Anti-Crime, has been cancelled. According to a Namco spokesperson, who cited "time constraints" as the main reason for the game's cull, the decision to cease development was made in December.

Extreme Force had been in development at Californian outfit Point of View (the team behind Spawn: Armageddon). When contacted by GameSpot this week, POV vice president of product development Mark Nausha declined to comment on the cancellation.

However the Namco spokesperson was keen to emphasise that Dead to Rights II: Hell to Pay is completely unaffected by the cancellation, and should be out later this year. Extreme Force had planned to follow an elite cop's attempts to undermine a terrorist plot on the grimy streets of DTR's Grant City, and would have been released on PS2, Xbox, Cube and PC.

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