Dead to Rights II

Dead to Rights 2

Dead to Rights 2

Full of marrowbone jelly. And guns.


Dogs. They are a bouncy, fluffy joy. They are fiercely loyal, loving, and would follow a human through fire to their own certain destruction, tails wagging as the flames engulfed them, a big doggy smile in their heart knowing that they'd drift off to canine Hades with the man they love. That's dogs. Faithful, friendly, thick. And l'animaux juste in games these days, if sales of femme-friendly pastel dual-screen devices is anything to go by. Man's best friend.

But, a Nintendog has his gaming flaws. Yes, he's got gargantuan fawnlike eyes that melt your very heart, but will he attack the testicles on demand of a John in the nearby boudoir? Alas no. I give you that he performs darling little tricks that captivate and astound with their childlike exuberance. But will he fetch you weapons on nearby corpses? Again no.

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