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X360 BC update due soon?

Leaked list points to one.

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Reports suggest that Microsoft is on the verge of releasing another backwards compatibility update for Xbox 360.

That's according to the sharp-eyed posters on one Internet forum, who caught sight of an updated BC list earlier this week - only for the changes to disappear again shortly after they were spotted.

Microsoft in the US has since remarked that it hasn't made any announcements. Or, as Gamerscoreblog contributor and online community manager Chris Paladino reportedly put it, "please hold off on freaking at this point in time".

You can see why people were excited though, with the likes of Dead or Alive Ultimate, Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy), Psychonauts, Shenmue II and even Splinter Cell: Double Agent on the revised list.

Along with those there were of course the usual array of, er, not so fondly remembered games, like Family Guy, Whacked! and Winback 2: Project Poseidon, presumably included because the programming required to include them was reasonably doable.

Anyway, we'll let you know if and when the list is updated again. In the meantime, the current rundown of backwards compatible Xbox games can be found on

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