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EGTV: Micro Machines trailer

See Codies' racer in action.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Hot on the heels of the reworking of Sensible Soccer, Micro Machines v4 is the latest classic update from Codemasters - and the Britsoft publisher has today released the first gameplay trailer in celebration of the game's imminent launch.

An unashamed back to basics approach promises to deliver an experience fans of previous instalments will instantly warm to, thanks to the return of a variety of familiar race arenas and over 100 vehicles to collect and trade.

The toy racer has always been a multiplayer favourite in particular, and the promise of network play, particularly on the handheld versions, is a big draw. And one you'll be able to sample for yourselves very soon, as Micro Machines v4 hits PS2, PSP and PC on June 30th - with a DS version to follow.

A taster of what's to come is available right now on EGTV.

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