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Handheld Sam beefed up for sequel

Details on GBA Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.

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Ubisoft has revealed some details about Sam Fisher's handheld return, following on from last year's surprisingly enjoyable GBA/N-Gage title. Aping the story from the home console versions, handheld Pandora Tomorrow also absorbs some of Sam's better-known abilities and increases the scope for stealthy progression - a good thing really, as the original may have been short, but it was certainly quite repetitive by the end.

According to Ubi, this time we can expect a greater emphasis on the use of shadows. As well as ducking into the dark recesses of handy arches and doorways ala the original (or Manhunt, actually), GBA Fisher can now shoot out lights to create pools of shadow, dive-roll to reach cover, and hide behind walls and objects. His night and thermal vision modes can be used at any time, too, and he's a tougher customer all round - even grabbing enemies as human shields from time to time.

As with the original, the game's 22 missions (a decent number by comparison, incidentally) are broken up by 14 mini-games including some levels modelled on Silent Scope, ala the original handheld game's own sniping diversions. This time Sam will be snapping, sniping and recording from distance with rifle, camera and laser microphone, which sounds like it could be fun.

Oh, and Ubisoft say we can expect "improved enemy AI" too. I figured I should mention that.

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is due out on GBA (and Xbox and PC) on March 26th.

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