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GW: Nightfall preview event

Try it out this month.

NCsoft and ArenaNet are planning a Guild Wars: Nightfall preview event to take place between September 22nd and 25th.

During the preview you'll be able to explore the Istani province of the new realm Elona, view the first in-game cinematics, and investigate the new Sunspear Arena and Churranu Island.

To do this you'll create a new Nightfall-specific character from one of the six core professions or one of the two new Nightfall ones - Dervish and Paragon - which you can read more about in our previous coverage.

The whole thing kicks off at 7:01pm GMT on September 22nd, and ends at 6:59am GMT on September 25th. More details and other promotions are listed on the official European website.

NCsoft recently unveiled its pre-order campaign for Nightfall, which kicks off on September 15th, and the Collector's Edition full game is due out on October 27th.

We should have more for you on Nightfall and its impact on the Guild Wars series soon.