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Guild Wars Nightfall unveiled

Beta event soon. Plus: loads of info on Dervish and Paragon professions.

Guild Wars Nightfall is the name of the next game in the Guild Wars series, developer ArenaNet revealed today.

What's more, it's already heading into beta-testing, with a worldwide first-look PvP event scheduled between July 28th and 31st.

The PvP Preview Event will give both Guild Wars Prophecies (the original game) and Guild Wars Factions players a chance to try out the two new professions, amongst other things.

Those are the Dervish, a scythe-wielding holy warrior, and the Paragon, a guardian angel of the Elonian people.

Dervish can channel divine powers, apparently, temporarily becoming the physical embodiment of a god - which is obviously a bit handy in the thick of battle.

That's where you'll likely find them most effective too, as they can swing their scythes to attack multiple enemies at once, and also have a variety of combat-related enchantments and inherent healing and protection abilities suitable to their role.

The Dervish garb - a nod to their dual-role of priest and warrior - isn't particularly well armoured, but agility and enchantments that make them resistant to injury, turn aside enemy-attacks and infuse their own with elemental power make up for any wardrobe weakness.

Meanwhile, the Paragon are seen as brilliant battle commanders, with a shield and throwing spears, able to empower themselves and allies with verbal chants and shouts. They can also resist hexes and conditions, and strut around in ornate armour with an angelic motif - usually wings engraved onto the metal plates.

Their role as guardian angels of the Elonian people means they serve the land's champions against malevolent threats, having been propelled to paragon status by a near-death experience in early life, which they put down to the gods themselves. As a result, they live to serve.

And in the case of the PvP Event, that which they serve will be pain. Oh yes.

As well as getting comfortable with the Dervish and Paragon, then, you'll also be able to compete for items that can be exchanged for rewards throughout the weekend, which kicks off at 8AM BST / 9AM CET on Friday, July 28 and concludes at 7.59 BST/ 8.59 CET on Monday 31st.

We'll bring you more on Guild Wars Nightfall in the near future.

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