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EA to co-pub Fast and Furious

At the pub? On Wi-Fi? No I'm not!

EA's announced that it will be co-publishing Namco Bandai's The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, announced earlier this year, on PS2 and PSP. You can see what the PS2 one looks like in the screenshot gallery.

In a case of art imitating art imitating wait hang on are we seriously calling this art, Tokyo Drift is a drift-racing arcade game with "camera angles straight from the movie", "Advanced Rubber Band AI", 10,000-poly car models and customisation options.

We can probably stow the cynicism a bit though since it sounds like it's aimed at people who don't know how to spin the car the wrong way round corners in Ridge Racer - apparently the drift system will feature assists and the like to level the playing field.

Based on the film, which, based on the trailer, looks like Ridge Racer meets Need For Speed doesn't meet Paul Walker because he's clearly got better things to do, TFATF: Tokyo Drift is developed by UK outfit Eutechnyx and should be with us in late summer.

Along with all the stuff mentioned above, you can also expect four-player online racing, and to customise your car with a hundred licensed wheels, 500 body kits and hopefully not those bloody awful England flags everyone's got stuck to their Fiestas that make them look a bit like elves with tassels.