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Excite Truck lands on Wii

Classic NES game reinvented.

Remember that mystery racing game Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aimes was banging on about? Well, it's finally been officially titled - get ready for Excite Truck.

If you hadn't guessed, it's a reworking of classic NES game Excitebike, keeping the same insane jumps and unhealthy speed but swapping the two-wheeled frolics for big bad four-wheeled monsters - it's all in the title, you see?

Reggie mentioned that there's a unique control method, and he wasn't fibbing either, it would seem. Basically, you'll need to turn the Wii wand on its side, so you can grip one end with each hand and imagine you're holding a steering wheel.

Tilting the controller left and right steers your truck, and gently pitching it forwards or backwards will balance out the vehicle in mid-air, which is essential to winning the races because hitting the perfect landing on the many huge jumps in the game is the only way to secure a decent speed boost and annihilate the competition.

Littered around the multiple courses, you'll find all manner of power-ups and special items that will transform the track with real time deformation, changing simple bumps into massive ramps and, with a bit of sneaky strategic placement, send your opponents flying off in the wrong direction.

There's no word on whether Excite Truck will be a Wii launch title, but we'll bring you more soon.