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Reggie hints at Wii racer

Likely to show at pre-E3 conf.

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Charismatic Nintendo exec Reggie Fils-Aime put in an appearance at the Nintendo World store in New York last week - and dropped a hint about something we can expect to see during E3 week on Nintendo Revolution.

Alright, on Nintendo Wii.

"I'm going to give one little secret, only one little secret, and hopefully I won't lose my job," he joked. "We're going to show a racing game at E3 where you use the core controller in a very different way. That will answer all the questions to how you'll play a racing game. And with that, I gotta go."

Cryptic! That's your lot in terms of tangible news, however, as Reggie didn't have much else to say - deflecting queries about DS Lite US pricing, Mario on Wii ("I can neither confirm nor deny blah blah blah") and so on while chanting "10 more days!"

Well, it's only seven now, since Nintendo's pre-E3 conference - the likely launching point for more detail on Nintendo Wii, DS Lite plans, and more on Twilight Princess and new games - will take place next Tuesday morning in LA.

We'll be there, naturally, and reporting liiiiiive providing nobody comes over and stamps on our laptops.

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