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Mizuguchi's X360 title?

A shot thereof, it seems.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

As Dead or Alive 4 shots sweep the Net into hysteria (or something approaching excitement at the very least; almost forgot ourselves there!), a lone shot of what is said to be Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Xbox 360 title has appeared on Ruliweb.

It's called Ninety-Nine Nights, apparently, and looks like a big fantasy war in ridiculously high detail. You can take a look at that shot elsewhere on Eurogamer here.

Mizuguchi, creator of games including Lumines and Rez, has already said that he's moving away from his musical style this time and wants to make an action game.

He's planning "an action game with an extreme amount of drama, which will remain in the heart of its players," he said recently, having recently been unveiled as one of Microsoft's biggest Japanese assets in the fight to establish Xbox 360 in the Far East.

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