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GRAW 2 details, platforms

Ubi releases info and assets.

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Ubisoft has shed some more light on Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, revealing that the squad-based shooter sequel is in development for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and PlayStation Portable.

It's due out in spring 2007, and will see the Ghosts upgraded with better AI, new Cross-Com features and expanded support as they take to new battlefields - including some in the US.

You can see how Ubisoft's development teams in Paris and at series mainstays Red Storm are doing in first screenshots and a teaser trailer.

Like the first GRAW, next year's sequel will focus on events in Mexico in 2014, as conflicts between loyalists and insurgent rebels escalates into civil war. The Ghosts will be called upon to tackle enemies in mountainous terrain, in the desert and even in El Paso, Texas - with what Ubisoft's describing as a cross-border attack to fend off.

Graphically the sequel can be expected to ramp up the already impressive effects quotient, with changing weather systems. Curiously there's no real emphasis on multiplayer improvements in Ubisoft's announcement - but given the first GRAW's online popularity, you can expect them to feature heavily in the final game.

Of significance to players both online and off will be the improved AI, which will see enemy teams trying to flank you or gain vantage points, while AI squad-mates will be more direct about their intel - specifying where the enemy is sighted and so on.

You'll also be able to call upon expanded air support for air strikes from jet fighters, mobile cover deployment and rearmament using an unmanned artillery MULE, with a new Media class improving your chances of healing one another under pressure.

Cross-Com 2.0 - an evolution of the first game's advanced heads-up display - will allow you to expand to full-view feeds of what your team-mates are seeing, while Full Command View will allow for greater precision in tactics.

Expect more on GRAW 2 as we move into 2007.

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