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Sonic Riders 2 for PS3/X360, Space Channel 5 to return?

Riders could also appear on PSP.

SEGA will release a sequel to its racing game Sonic Riders on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 according to producer Takashi Yuda.

More interestingly, Yuda-san revealed that sections of SEGA would like to see Space Channel 5 return on next-generation platforms.

Speaking at a press event in London this week, Yuda-san told Eurogamer, "there will be a sequel to Sonic Riders, and it will definitely be on PS3 and Xbox 360". Definitely, we responded, parrot-like to the last? "Yes."

How about Space Channel 5? There are people - higher-ups, it seems - who are keen on the idea, Yuda-san told us. "But nothing has been decided."

Yuda-san also said that that his team was interested in porting the current-gen Sonic Riders to PlayStation Portable, although, again, nothing's been decided at this point.

Before any of that, however, we'll have to wait and see Sonic Riders itself. Due out in early 2006 on PS2 and Xbox, the Sonic-inspired racing game has players coasting along on hover-boards powered by air, a stock of which is replenished by performing tricks and pausing at refill stations and can also be used as an F-Zero-style boost.